From 8th February until 12th May 2019, La Panacée MOCO will present Cookbook. 
25 Chefs & 20 artists / Co-curators : Andrea Petrini & Nicolas Bourriaud

Assembling 25 chefs and 20 artists from around the world, Cookbook’19 explores through a large panorama the relationship between the future art of cooking and the edibleness of art. As the second chapter of a project first organised in 2013 at the the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, the exhibition will be commissioned by the same team : the art critic, curator and co-founder of Palais de Tokyo Nicolas Bourriaud and food journalist, globetrotter, curator and creator of the World restaurant Awards, Andrea Petrini. Since trends in art and cuisine have evolved over the past five years, new criterias have emerged: Instagram potential, focus on microorganisms and their effects on the body (gluten free, vegan...), cultural identity, and globalization (appropriation, locavorism...).

The 2019 edition focuses on the unprecedented convergence of these subjects, highlighting an emerging generation of creators bound by a desire to interact with their environment and explore the stimulation of multiple senses. The choices of this new generation of chefs and artists are motivated by the exploration and incursion of each other’s worlds: cooks will make live music or enable us to physically enter into the spirit of their dishes, while artists will try to push us to develop our sense of smell or taste. 

Through the confrontation and collaboration of di erent disciplines, the shared characteristics of the creators’ practices will be highlighted: the rise of the image as a tool of communication, revealing the limits of experimentation; the vanishing notion of the author in favour of that of initiator of collab- oration; the integration of a new relation- ship to time in approaches to matter; the growing impor- tance of process over result. Visitors can immerse themselves in a network of shared preoccupations - social, political, eco- nomic - through creative practices that o er new possibilities at each crossroad.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a programme of events, ranging from performances of chefs and artists to conferences and screenings.
Plus d'infos à venir. 

25 chefs
Iñaki Aizpitarte – FR
Maksut Aşkar – TR
Danny Bowien – US
Manoella Buffara – BR
Riccardo Camanini – IT
Jeremy Chan - GB
May Chow – CN
Amanda Cohen – US
Mauro Colagreco – IT/AR
Thomas Frebel – FR
Rodolfo Guzman – CH
Healthy Boy Band – AT
Esben Holmboe Bang – DK
Jordan Kahn – US
Chiho Kanzaki – JP
Antonia Klugmann – IT
Alberto Landgraf – BR
Richie Lin – CN
Nadine Levy Redzepi – PT
Virgilio Martinez – PE
René Redzepi – DK
Niko Romito – IT
Ana Roš – SI
Colombe St-Pierre – CA
Gilles Stassart – FR

20 artistes 
Davide Balula – FR
Dorian Bauer – FR
Nicolas Boulard – FR
Tiphaine Calmettes – FR
Elise Carron – FR
Cozinha Radicante with Roberto Cabot (Rebecca Lockwood, Ynaïe Dawson, Rosa Branca) – BR
Nicolas Daubanes – FR
Beth Galton – US
Tania Gheerbrant & Mahalia Köhnke-Jehl – FR
Şakir Gökçebağ – TR
Valentina Karga & Tessa Zettel
Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos – GR
Charlie Malgat – FR
Fanny Maugey – FR
Mathieu Mercier – FR
Pôle-Fromage (Inès Day & Jeanson Péchin) – FR
Sean Raspet – US
Natsuko Uchino – JP
Mélanie Villemot – FR
Zoe Williams – GB


Global writer & food trotter

​Andrea Petrini is a journalist, writer and cultural organiser. When he’s not on the road as an overworked roadie for the culinary group GELINAZ! (with which he produced This is not my rst new book), he writes for magazines such as Cook. inc, Fool, Four Magazine, Gazzetta Gastronomica, Lucky Peach, O ciel Voy- age and Obsession. President of the jury of the World Restaurant Awards, he would like to cook one night for Marina Abramović, Brian Eno, Tilda Swinton and William T. Vollman. 

Curator & art critic
Co-founder of the Palais de Tokyo, art critic and former director of the School of Beaux-Arts in Paris, Nicolas Bourriaud is currently the general director of MOCO (Montpellier Contemporain), a new institution bringing together the School of Beaux-Arts in Montpellier, the contemporary art centre La Panacée and the future Museum of Collections scheduled to open in June 2019. He is the artistic director of The Seventh Continent, the 16th edition of the Istanbul Biennial taking place from September 2019. 

Exhibition 9th February until 12th May 2019

Opening Friday 8th February 2019 at La Panacée ​
Free entry