27 June 2018 17:00

Reservation is required, limited place : mediation[arobase] ou au 04 34 88 79 79
Meet at 4:45 pm in the hall of the Museum Fabre to see the performance of 5pm. 

Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet (Paris, 1981)

50mn, french

How to get more equality? By self-organizing, cooperating, living in community? In the nineteenth century, thinkers like Charles Fourier wondered. Around them, some tried to put into practice these ideas by creating buildings adapted to the future life, a more equal life, which keeps in mind everyone's wishes: the phalansteries. But the revolution was slow in coming. Some of Charles Fourier's disciples began to imagine that the solution to their problems might be found on other planets, on Jupiter, Saturn or Uranus. How to communicate with these planets more perfect than the Earth? By trying to talk with the spirits who live there, thanks to spiritualists sessions, in order to talk with ghosts wandering through planets, between science fiction, utopia and magic.