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Politique des outils d'écriture and le Prix du Pif
aalliicceelleessccaannnnee&ssoonniiaaddeerrzzyyppoollsskkii (Paris, 2010)
50 mn, français

Politique des outils d'écriture
This offbeat conference explores the political dimensions of writing tools, from the simplest Bic pen to the most extravagant gadgets, such as the ski-shaped pen, the Neanderthal man-shaped gum or the super-shaped pencil-hero. What does the objects’shape tell us? How are they likely to influence our behavior, to act on our thoughts and to guide our hand when we write sentences or draw lines? Can some of these objects be highly subversive without anyone having noticed until now? The conference will answer all these questions and offer as a bonus a hypnosis session using a Bic pen cap.

Prix du Pif
Pif is a package with a brochure developed by the artists, a gadget, and a "Que sais-je?” book. The price varies according to the "Que sais-je ?” it contains, from ten to thousands of euros. As a buyer, you feel cheated. As a modern individual, you can’t stand the discretion with which these rates were set. You feel abused, once again, by contemporary artists. Your reaction is normal. We would say even more: your reaction is healthy.