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The Gnozo Show, 2018
Benjamin Efrati (Genève, 1985)
Approximately 90 mn, french

The Gnozo Show is a series of filmed public debates parodying the genre of info / entertainment. The show brings together writers, artists, scientists, and actors. A narration takes shape through the presentation of guests and the confrontation of their points of view, punctuated by the projection of a series of duplex interviews and unpublished comic films. The Gnozo Show deconstructs the codes of advertising, entertainment and political correctness. For his first show titled "Emotional Intelligence and Infinity"The Gnozo Showraises existential and pseudo-scientific questions: what is infinity? What is the link between nicotine addiction and the genetic heritage of Neanderthal? Do cats practice our neuro-linguistic programming without our knowledge? Was the Marquis of Sade the first theoretician of emotional intelligence?