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Dust Eater, 2007-2009
3:55 mn, english

A number of  Pope L.’s works relate to white male art history, like Dust eater to Bruce Nauman or for example, or. Hole Inside the Hole Inside Yves Klein Ass Hole (2000) where he referenced Yves Klein Anthropometries. In this work, Klein used white female body as a brush. In the related performance piece, Pope L. is seen wearing an African mask while applying Jelly and B&W acrylic paint to his ass and making ass prints on Kwanzaa paper. What Klein is to the void, Pope L. is to the hole. He came up with the hole theory, roughly suggesting that holes are connectors of lack.

APHOV (A Personal History of Videography), 2005-2007
15:38 mn, english

Behind the grove, there is a makeshift theater with couches and chairs in front of a large wooden projection screen. In the projected video APHOV, (A Personal History of Videography), Pope. L directs the videotaping of a man who wears a Donald Rumsfeld mask while standing before a vault of familiar cardboard boxes. The alleged Rumsfeld bleeds from his eyes, the blood overflowing down his body and onto the floor. The video shows the artist directing, the cameraman recording, the actor rehearsing, and thus reveals the very mechanisms of the production and orchestration of the illusion, conjuring the age-old phrase « theater of war».