Centre de culture contemporaine — Montpellier


La Panacée, center of contemporary culture, will play host to meetings, exchanges and hybrids between different artistic disciplines. 

La Panacée will offer audiences of all ages the chance to experiment with a new relationship to art. Somewhere between spectator and actor, each visitor can explore the representations and practices at the heart of contemporary artistic creation.
This new Montpellier center of art is the latest in a string of major art centers created in Europe over the last ten years, including the CCCB in Barcelona, Marres in Maastricht, Garage in Moscow, and the Strozzina in Florence. These centers identify with the notion of contemporary culture as a means of championing a thematic approach to social issues and of de-compartmentalizing art audiences. 


La Panacee’s missions:

  • To encourage contemporary creation in the fields of visual art, new writing, and digital art.
  • To promote artistic research and experimentation by setting up residencies for authors, artists, art researchers and curators.
  • To create a space devoted to artistic practice, meetings, and exchanges that is open to audiences of all ages.
  • To test new relational modalities with different audiences.
  • To guide the Montpellier art scene toward greater local exposure and to help incorporate it into national and international networks.
  • To create resources. A documentary archive of audio and videos recordings will be compiled as the project evolves in order to create a project memory and lay the groundwork for future educational programs.
  • To organize and producing thematic, collective and monographic exhibits and event programs: cycles of screenings (video, cinema), conferences, performances.  


New practices: multiple interactions and transformations

La Panacée will prioritize work around three major disciplines and their interactions:

  • Visual arts: photography, art video, fine arts, cinema, design, comic strip, graphic design.
  • Digital: digital communication techniques, social networks, blogs.
  • New written forms: twitter, blogs, SMS, Facebook).

It thus intends to explore and feature artistic projects which question our perceptions of a changing world: 

  • Technological environments and the way they transform artistic practice and our processes of perceiving and thinking.
  • Transformations in the materiality of the written word. Support for writing projects on new platforms that promote the meeting of authors and artists of different disciplines.
  • A critical view of the art system. In the context of monographic or collective exhibitions, La Panacée will recruit artists and curators from France and beyond who ask tough questions of the art system. Focuses will include notions of authorship and property, exhibition and the visitor experience.
  • An openness to dynamic art scenes abroad. In order to create decentralized cooperation between foreign and local artists. 


An excerpt of the project imagined by Franck Bauchard, artistic director of La Panacee:

“Today’s artistic and cultural context demands that we invent new ways of accessing art and that we imagine a more inclusive approach to its transformations and debates. A contemporary art venue can also be thought of as a multi-sensorial environment and laboratory, a place for gathering and sharing, a white cube and a black box, a school or an online medium.

That is how we envision La Panacée, as a flexible and pluralistic venue that is capable of reinventing itself depending on what event is being presented at a given time. An astonishing, thought-provoking and challenging place that can help clue the public into transformations in art and the way we relate to it. A place that doesn’t only adapt to artistic and cultural transformations, but which also opens up new fields of exploration and action for artists, researchers and visitors.

A place where shifts in art and culture are showcased, questioned and discussed, not just to better grasp the evolution of artistic practice, but to perceive and question the world differently.”