Centre de culture contemporaine — Montpellier


Season 1 : “ You have a message ”

The telephone is at the heart of the opening season, entitled “ You have a message.” It consists of four exhibitions running from June 2013 to August 2014. 

In an interconnected world, we are trying out new ways of living characterized by mobility, flux and instantaneity. In our everyday lives, the telephone is one of the clearest interfaces between the real and the virtual, near and far, life and artifice.

Historically the telephone has played a decisive role insofar as its ability to transmit sound over long distances heralded today’s visual media. Moreover, information theory, a prelude to the development of digital technologies, emerged in the context of the development of telephone networks.

The evolution of communication technology has also had a major impact on the arts, beginning with the historical avant-gardes until the current day. In the 1960s, technological progress converged around a dematerialization process, which played out in art, design, music, theater and architecture.

The works presented in the “ You have a message ” season suggest critical perspectives on a number of phenomena catalyzed by the telephone : long-distance communication, the flow of personal and collective data, the eruption of private conversation into public space, the realignment of the relation between the creator and recipient of content.

The “ You have a message ” season takes stock of these influences and provides a chance to examine numerous practices and positions developed by artists hailing from different fields, hence elevating the telephone to a form of media in its own right.