Centre de culture contemporaine — Montpellier


Machine à habiter

02/24/15 to 03/15/15
Illusion & Macadam presents Tropisme festival, creation & reflection in the digital age. Coproduced by La Panacée, Centre de culture contemporaine, Montpellier.

Tropisme festival establishes itself at La Panacée, to give the venue a new form and weave different processes into it. The festival centers on the idea of inhabiting a given place by changing its basic functions. In this perspective, the basic elements of habitat become movable and transformable, just like what we are witnessing in a new digital culture, where new behaviors are taking shape within given spaces. Just like the Fun Palace offered an example of what a cultural institution could become in the era of cybernetics, it is now time to ask this question again in the time of digital transformations. Today's "Machine à habiter" (or"Machine to live in") is closer to Yona Friedman's "habitation mobility" or Cédric Price's "playful laboratory", than to Le Corbusier's functionalism - and as always, artists are at the forefront, with the EXYST collective.

Franck Bauchard, Artistic director of La Panacée.


For its second edition, Tropisme deploys a large machine to live in. For three weeks, the festival moves in to La Panacée with a rich programm of installations, architectural and culinary creations, talks, projections, video games, parties and workshops. The EXYST collective, at the heart of this project, will be producing its last piece of work, before dossolving after 12 years of activity. Composed of artists, architects, makers, botanists and graphic designers, EXYST became a point of reference on 2006, when it took part in the Venice architecture biennale. For Tropisme, EXYST, will transform La Panacée into a modular living space, conceived as a tool box that enables many different possibilities. This "machine à habiter" will turn the exhibition spaces into conversation salons, film clubs, sleeping rooms, mini night-clubs for kids, a radio studio, and a printing press.

From February 25 to March 15, Tropisme transforms La Panacée into a big playground that looks like a caravansary.

Vincent Cavaroc, Artistic director of Festival Tropisme.