Centre de culture contemporaine — Montpellier


Wednesday to Saturday : 10 am – 1 am
Sunday : 10 am - 6 pm 

The Café offers a quality menu that uses fresh produce, and at reasonable prices. Customers can enjoy prix fixe menus, including tapas and apéritivo at the bar, seated at a table, or in the lounge.


For la Panacée, 1024 architecture teamed up with Stéphanie Grimard for " 24 Lignes ", an installation for the center’s entrance hall and café. This original sculptural and luminous installation combines several different functions, even as it preserves open space, allowing an unobstructed view of the entrance hall. It offers an inviting and creative environment conducive with meetings, breaks and discussion.

The rusted metal structure’s 24 wood-finished trusses are equipped with flexible neon lines allowing the lighting to be modulated based on the rhythm of whatever is happening in the space. It proposes a series of lighting behaviors which range from slow and organic (breathing, respiration) to rapid and dynamic (pulsations, flickering).

Project: 1024 architecture

  • Artists : Pierre Schneider et François Wunschel
  • Architect : Stéphanie Grimard
  • Project monitoring : Alban Mallet
  • Construction :
  • Structure : SIRC
  • Lights : Neon Flexible
  • Furnitures : CIGÜE
  • Tapestry : Sidonie Lelièvre